What is mobilPT?

Why mobilPT?

Who is mobilPT for?

The only on-line source of rehabilitation video content, designed by professionals that is diagnosis and condition specific.

mobilPT is a Free Market Solution to Cutting Your Health Care Costs.

Why take a shot in the dark when mobilPT.com has complete rehabilitation protocols designed specifically for your condition or diagnosis. You will recieve 7-12 videos per phase sent directly to your computer or smart device.

People with back pain, rotator cuff issue, knee surgery, ankle sprain, poor balance, arthritis and much much more.

The mobilPT platform will help you better manage your care.

Diagnosis Driven

Benefit Management

Speeds Recovery

Our platform contains over 1000 diagnosis and conditions that contain 3 phases of rehabilitation programs for each condition eliminating any guesswork on your part.

Our complete programs allow you to do more on your own which will help you conserve your benefits and reduce your total health care expenditures.

On-line access allows you to begin your rehabilitation immediately when indicated avoiding delays that often lengthen recovery.

Which Phase is Right for Me?

Ideally your physician will help you determine the appropriate phase and if not then below we have outlined the parameters for each phase to help you decide what phase best meets your specific needs.

Phase I: Weeks 1 to 3 of recovery. Focus is on regaining motion, decreasing scar tissue development and muscle loss.

Phase II: Weeks 2 through 6 of recovery. The emphasis is on regaining strength and improving overall function.

Phase III: The most aggressive phase for the final months of rehabilitation with the emphasis on returning to full activities, recreation or sport.

Popular Programs

Hot Shots

Our fall prevention program is designed to strengthen the key areas that will help you prevent falling.
We can help you get back on your feet!
Exercises that will help you increase your overall balance.